Best Gear For Monk in Diablo 3: One That Offers Diablo 3 Monk the Highest Damage Per Second Part I


Diablo 3 monk class is slowly gaining popularity after the release of patch 1.0.7. The new patch greatly enhances the damage dealt by certain monk skills and tilts the game balance slightly to the monk’s favor. As Diablo 3 is an item based game, it is no surprise that searches for the best gear for monk in Diablo 3 also pick up pace as the monk class gains in popularity. Searching the best gear for monk in Diablo 3 poses considerable challenges as Diablo 3 is designed in such a way that many aspects of the game need to be taken into consideration before deciding on which gear to equip. The complexity of the game design breeds diversity of views on the definition of best gear. What seems best to one player may not seem best to another. It is very rare to find two players who see eye to eye with each other on the issue of best gear. To sift through the complexity and come out with a definition which all players find it agreeable is an impossible task (Source: To make the search for the best gear for monk in Diablo 3 a possibility, we need to simplify matter. In this article, best gear is defined as one which accords its wearer the highest damage per second. The following are items for Diablo 3 monk which will greatly enhance damage per second. I see them as the best gear for monk in Diablo 3.

Forsake Inna’s Radiance and Put on Mempo Of Twilight
This distinctive helmet is shaped like a Kabuto. It is the perfect helmet for a Diablo 3 monk. Look for one which has high dexterity, resistance, attack speed and critical hit chance. If you are on a tight budget, you may need to tradeoff certain properties as this legendary helmet is one of the highly prized items in Diablo 3.

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