The Curious Case of Diablo 3 Economy and Diablo 3 Gold Price: We Need An Answer


Diablo 3 gold price has been trending down since three weeks ago. Diablo 3 gold price has gone from US$0.2 per million to US$0.046 per million today. The magnitude of devaluation, which is about 77 percent, amounts to hyperinflation. This phenomenon, which has caused Diablo 3 gold price to be almost worthless in real money terms, has left many players who are concerned with the Diablo 3 economy dumbfounded. The current patch 1.0.7 comprises of new gold sink mechanisms such as new crafting recipes, new tier of gems and etc and was supposed to increase the value of in game currency or at least stabilize the Diablo 3 gold price. However, none of the expected outcomes was materialized (Source: Many players tried to seek answers to why the synthetic economy of Diablo 3 has collapsed so as to plan their next move. Grogo, a Diablo 3 player, believes that the current economic situation in Diablo 3 is caused by a shock to the demand side. He derived his conclusion after surveying the general feeling of 10 different trade chats. Not all players agree with with Grogo’s view of the Diablo 3 economy. One Diablo 3 player, Surt, argued that the drastic drop in the number of transactions is due to overpricing. He urged sellers not to lose touch with the current situation and price their items realistically. Other Diablo 3 players attributed the current status of the Diablo 3 economy to itemization update which will be introduced soon. Chop, a Diablo 3 player, called the itemization update a nail in the coffin. He believes that current top tier items will suffer the same fate as the first batch of legacy items. Thus, no player will want to buy items before the itemization update. Seriously, we need an answer to this mystery.


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